Thursday, June 14, 2012

That Writer's Block!


Most of you have heard about it, and some of you may be experiencing it right now. It is the state of mind where you cannot put your ideas into words and your mind suddenly becomes blank. It is what writers called the “Writer’s Block”. But what really is a Writer’s Block and where did it came from?


The writer’s block is a condition where you are seriously dry of any ideas for the writing task that you are doing. This may be the cause of several different things which are as follows:

Lack of Creativity – This is the most common reason of the writer’s block. It is a state where a writer’s creative juice stops flowing and he thinks that there is no other way to write the article.

The topic is not the writer’s expertise – Though most writers, especially those that work as a freelancer are determined to be flexible, they will always have a niche that they can mostly write about. But sometimes when the topic is seriously the opposite of the niche, the writer’s block will follow.

These two reasons are the ones most seen in writers. This may happen to you as well, now the question is how do you get rid of it? The ugly truth is that you will always encounter this if you do writing frequently. Even if you don’t you are more likely to have the writer’s block so there would be no serious one time solution to overcome the writer’s block. But the good thing is, if ever you are stuck with it, there are definite ways to make sure that you escape from the block and continue writing again. 

Want to know what those ways are? Here it is:

Focus – One of the most unseen things that can trigger the writer’s block is the excessive usage of the internet. Sure the internet is a good thing when you want to research information about the article you are writing about, but that should stop there. If you are writing, stop using Facebook and Twitter. It will make you focus on the task at hand.

Listen to some music – Music can calm your mind when its heavily polluted by many thoughts. You can try to listen to some classical music to relax your mind a little so that you can take unneeded information out of the way by forgetting them through music.

Don’t force your way out of it – Do not be too hard on yourself. Your brain is at its limit so it’s best not to punish it by thinking more. Try to get a nap and you will see that a quick boost is all you need to get back on track again.

Remember that the writer’s block is not a disease, but it is a mental condition. Your best tool against it is to rest your mind so that it charges up quickly. Do not ever punish yourself for having the block, it’s normal. It means that you’re thinking too much and that’s why you were blocked. 

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