Monday, June 4, 2012

The 4 L’s: Your Baby Steps in Freelance Writing


We all know that the hardest part of doing something is the first step. Yes, that first jump off to get started is really the most painful of them all. This is also true when you start to get your feet wet with freelance writing. Contrary to popular belief, it is actually not the easiest way to make money online; in fact it is one of the hardest. You have to be flexible with your knowledge and be really good in order to establish a brand. Brand is needed so that you can get paid more than the other writers – when I say others, I mean the other thousands of you available in the market.

Here are some tips to get you started in your freelance writing career:

Learn to accept criticisms – When you are just starting out, this is the most important trait that you should be able to manage in the quickest time possible. Learn to listen very well to the critics and absorb everything they tell you. But do not fight back. You have to accept that there will always be these clients that will not be satisfied with anything and is trying to squeeze the life after you. If you encounter these clients early in your career, just complete their work. After that, politely refuse the other works they will be asking.

Learn proper time management – Even on the early stages of writing, you must have a very keen time management skill. You have to value deadlines like it is the absolute important thing there is. This will show that you are a professional. It will also help you in order to overcome problems with accepting many orders.

Learn basic courtesy – Though you are not really personally meeting the clients since you are working on a virtual environment you are still not entitled to be rude against them. Avoid being too personal if it’s not needed and do not act like you are the best writer in the world. That is because the online arena is full of humble and capable writers so if you don’t act like what normal and courteous people should, you will run out of works before you can even make a decent living out of being a freelance writer.

Learn to go the Extra Mile – Extra mile is a good thing. Now when it comes to start writing, it is still undeniably a very good trait to have in order to keep the good clients and also in order to make new ones. Those extra mile efforts really do not have to be an extra article or to work 1000 words if you are required only of 500 (This may cause trouble so don’t). You can go the extra mile by using pleasantries, and also by notifying your clients on the progress of your work.

Everything is really hard the first time you do it. But if you want to make it big, then you better start moving and start writing. Learn these 4 L’s as well and you are guaranteed of a better career in freelance writing against the others. 

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