Monday, May 28, 2012

The 3 Proven Tricks to Get the Highest Paying Gigs in Writing


As a freelance writer you could have wondered how in the world you can really make money off the internet. When I say money, it does not just mean earning a couple of dollars – but earning lots of it so that you are able to leave your current daytime job and also support all of your expenses at the same time.  But the ugly truth is most of freelance writers only gets paid at around 1 to 2 dollars per 500 word and will only be given 3 to 5 tasks a day. So if you want to leverage your income in freelance writing, here are some of the tricks that will get clients love you more and pay you more 

1. Make a portfolio of your best works – Once you start getting around those first few writing gigs, consider putting them in as a portfolio that you can use whenever you apply for a new writing gig online. This will tell your client that you have the best quality work and you should be paid more than the usual. But you have to be careful around these items though. You have to make sure that those articles cannot be copied and be published somewhere else which may bring you to a tight spot with your previous client. Sometimes, it is better to write some of your own.

2. Make a website. – Why? The number one reason is because it makes you look professional. It gives your client an idea that you take writing seriously, giving you a definite edge among other competitors. Second, it furthers strengthen your #1 trick which is to make a portfolio. Instead of putting them as an article and run the risk of being copied, you can publish them all on your website showcasing your writing capability. Also, you can link your other works shown on your client’s websites.

3. Make an effort to run the extra mile - Who says this is so clich├ęd nowadays? No it isn’t. Running the extra mile means that you are really serious on your job. Consider making something more than just an article. How do you do that? Simple cover letters explaining what you did is more common, or if you are feeling generous make another article around the same topic. These bonuses will heighten up your clients expectation of you and will definitely deserve you a bonus.

These are the 3 simple tricks that you can do in order to land a high paying writing gig. First is to create a brand for yourself so that you can leverage yourself. Showcase your talents in writing and then run the extra mile. This will definitely have you earn hundreds in no time at all. 

The Top 3 Sites For Freelance Writers

Freelance writers are indeed one of the most sought for service in the internet. Asides from programmers and data entry specialists, these writers compose of almost 50% of the entire population working online. If you are just starting on your way to make a career of freelance writing here are the most popular websites that you should get your hands on so that you can earn money in the quickest time possible:


The first on the list, where most freelancers should go is Odesk is a website that is not only for freelance writers but it sure is the best way to start. Here you can sign up for free, then you can take some tests to make yourself known with high scores. After that, you can start to bid on works. The good thing about Odesk is that there are basically a lot of clients that is ok to work with newbie writers. Sure you will be paid less but it is the perfect stepping stone. Once you already got the hang of it you can then try writing your own blog posts then get paid.


Writing your own blog posts and getting paid seems to be a dream job. Now if you want to try this after getting some exposure on freelance writing for clients then you can immediately start doing so by making a blog in is one of the biggest blog networks that is free and offers revenue potential for writers. If you are asking how then it is simple: it is by ads. Advertisements can be put on your blog using Google AdSense (once you have a dozen couple of posts that’s generates decent traffic). Then you will get a share based on the ads revenue, if it’s a cost per sale then you get a share if a viewer clicks on the ads then buy the product. There are also other actions such as cost per click and the others.


Now also, if you want to learn more about freelance writing, get to know which jobs are available and also to join some writing contests then you can check the 3rd on the list which is This website has a lot of posts about writing, what it is and how you can improve on it. They also post jobs from time to time that you can apply to. Most of the times they post jobs from so I suggest you sign up to that website as well. They also have article making and book making contests, so if you’re up to some challenge then try this one for size.

These are the top 3 websites that freelance writers should know about. So what are you waiting for? Look at those on your free time and get to learn, to enjoy, and to get paid. Happy writing everyone!

What Is Freelance Writing?


                There are many ways to earn money online. You will always have an option; may it be data entry, programming or writing. Yes, writing. Freelance writing has been one of the most popular avenues that people take when they want to make money online. But what really is the definition of freelance writing?

                Freelance writing comes from two root words – freelance and writing. We all know what writing is right? So there is basically no need to expound on that. Now, freelance or freelancing that seems to be a little tricky don’t you think? Asides from it being in front of every job title online, where did the word freelance really come from?

                The word freelance and its variation were defined and were given life on the novel entitled “Ivanhoe”. This came to be when a bunch of mercenary knights appear during a game where they hold no lords above them, which later on gave people the impression that they are a “freelance”. After time has passed, because many people started to use the term commonly, it was accepted as a term in a dictionary that can be used as a noun, an adverb, a verb, and an adjective.  Now if we combine the two terms which is freelance + writing then the definition is: it is a form of a job which requires a person to write but does not have any fix employers or time frame.  To make it simple; a freelance writer is a writer that doesn’t have a boss.


                Though it may sound a little bit laid back, freelance writing is very important in today’s society. The number one reason why is because people needs the job.  The ugly truth is that there are many talented writers out there but seldom are they discovered because they didn’t finish a college degree. Having a freelance writing career is what these people need so that they can pursue their love in writing and also earn a decent living. The second reason is that freelance writing is very cost friendly to employers. First is that you don’t actually have to hire an employee. You can only pay for the services that you need and that you want. That creates a lot of savings for the person hiring the writer. Talk about hitting two birds with one stone.

                Freelance writing is a job and an art. It is a serious and a fun way to work. Because when you are at freelance, you get to experience many things; topics you do and don’t like, topics that will help you learn new things. So if you want to get known through writing the first step is to be a freelance writer.