Monday, May 28, 2012

What Is Freelance Writing?


                There are many ways to earn money online. You will always have an option; may it be data entry, programming or writing. Yes, writing. Freelance writing has been one of the most popular avenues that people take when they want to make money online. But what really is the definition of freelance writing?

                Freelance writing comes from two root words – freelance and writing. We all know what writing is right? So there is basically no need to expound on that. Now, freelance or freelancing that seems to be a little tricky don’t you think? Asides from it being in front of every job title online, where did the word freelance really come from?

                The word freelance and its variation were defined and were given life on the novel entitled “Ivanhoe”. This came to be when a bunch of mercenary knights appear during a game where they hold no lords above them, which later on gave people the impression that they are a “freelance”. After time has passed, because many people started to use the term commonly, it was accepted as a term in a dictionary that can be used as a noun, an adverb, a verb, and an adjective.  Now if we combine the two terms which is freelance + writing then the definition is: it is a form of a job which requires a person to write but does not have any fix employers or time frame.  To make it simple; a freelance writer is a writer that doesn’t have a boss.


                Though it may sound a little bit laid back, freelance writing is very important in today’s society. The number one reason why is because people needs the job.  The ugly truth is that there are many talented writers out there but seldom are they discovered because they didn’t finish a college degree. Having a freelance writing career is what these people need so that they can pursue their love in writing and also earn a decent living. The second reason is that freelance writing is very cost friendly to employers. First is that you don’t actually have to hire an employee. You can only pay for the services that you need and that you want. That creates a lot of savings for the person hiring the writer. Talk about hitting two birds with one stone.

                Freelance writing is a job and an art. It is a serious and a fun way to work. Because when you are at freelance, you get to experience many things; topics you do and don’t like, topics that will help you learn new things. So if you want to get known through writing the first step is to be a freelance writer.

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