Monday, May 28, 2012

The 3 Proven Tricks to Get the Highest Paying Gigs in Writing


As a freelance writer you could have wondered how in the world you can really make money off the internet. When I say money, it does not just mean earning a couple of dollars – but earning lots of it so that you are able to leave your current daytime job and also support all of your expenses at the same time.  But the ugly truth is most of freelance writers only gets paid at around 1 to 2 dollars per 500 word and will only be given 3 to 5 tasks a day. So if you want to leverage your income in freelance writing, here are some of the tricks that will get clients love you more and pay you more 

1. Make a portfolio of your best works – Once you start getting around those first few writing gigs, consider putting them in as a portfolio that you can use whenever you apply for a new writing gig online. This will tell your client that you have the best quality work and you should be paid more than the usual. But you have to be careful around these items though. You have to make sure that those articles cannot be copied and be published somewhere else which may bring you to a tight spot with your previous client. Sometimes, it is better to write some of your own.

2. Make a website. – Why? The number one reason is because it makes you look professional. It gives your client an idea that you take writing seriously, giving you a definite edge among other competitors. Second, it furthers strengthen your #1 trick which is to make a portfolio. Instead of putting them as an article and run the risk of being copied, you can publish them all on your website showcasing your writing capability. Also, you can link your other works shown on your client’s websites.

3. Make an effort to run the extra mile - Who says this is so clich├ęd nowadays? No it isn’t. Running the extra mile means that you are really serious on your job. Consider making something more than just an article. How do you do that? Simple cover letters explaining what you did is more common, or if you are feeling generous make another article around the same topic. These bonuses will heighten up your clients expectation of you and will definitely deserve you a bonus.

These are the 3 simple tricks that you can do in order to land a high paying writing gig. First is to create a brand for yourself so that you can leverage yourself. Showcase your talents in writing and then run the extra mile. This will definitely have you earn hundreds in no time at all. 

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